Case studies and testimonials

"Whilst as a business we provide a wealth of technical training for many of our team, the provision of soft skills training can often be overlooked. futurefinest has provided the opportunity for members of our team to attend events that develop their non-technical skills & also enabled them to engage with other aspiring individuals from both within our sector & also outside. This in our view has proved invaluable to both the individuals & our organisation.
I would commend all professional services organisations in North Staffordshire to consider membership of futurefinest for their team members."

Phill Dann, Partner Dean Statham

"Our people are what set us apart, and whilst professional qualifications are well mapped out the all round development of our up and coming individuals is not so prescribed.

It was with this in mind that we at Begbies Traynor could see the great opportunity with futurefinest to use this as an almost unique way to allow our up and coming stars to enter the at times anxious arena of networking, and developing their own interpersonal skills, which will shape their professional future.

We are all too aware in this time and age that our own time becomes ever more precious, that aside we all have different styles/personalities, and our role as mentor is probably the most valuable thing that we can share, but in reality it is also the most costly resource.

Through futurefinest we have seen a staggering change with both our more senior and in particular younger members of our team. The growth in confidence and indeed self esteem has been immense, we now see multi-tiered marketing, in reality our people are our future, they will be the next partners/directors, and I believe that they also have some fun on the way!!

Well done futurefinest, and thank you to my team for your great efforts here, a great deal has been done over a very short period of time."

Bob Young, Senior Partner at Begbies Traynor

"Since joining futurefinest, our young professionals have certainly grown in confidence.  We’ve noticed it and, more importantly, so have our clients.  Our team have benefited from a wider range of CPD than we’d have been able to offer internally, with the added bonus of getting to know the other younger professionals in the area at the same time.  All in all, futurefinest has been great value for money for us."

Mandy Mitten, Director, Mitten Clarke

"futurefinest offers an excellent forum for young professionals to network and develop business contacts, whilst also assisting in their professional development through seminars and workshops. 

Twelve months ago I encouraged a member of my management team to join futurefinest as part of their personal development, to raise both their profile and the profile of our business within the local area.  Through their attendance at both formal and informal events, a number of business relationships have been built which will be important for generating future business.  futurefinest has also provided the opportunity to promote our brand and the career opportunities that are available in our profession, through working with local Business Diploma students."

James Rushton, Partner, Baker Tilly