future-pro started life as a regional project funded by Advantage West Midlands and managed by Birmingham Forward. When funding for the regional project ran out in 2006, finest looked at how it could continue the project on a local basis, supporting local university graduates to find local career opportunities.

The professional services sector in North Staffordshire recognises that it is important to retain and develop local talent. Working closely with our local universities, finest aims to encourage students who have studied and will graduate in the area to stay in the area and work for one of the many highly respected professional service sector firms who are based in North Staffordshire.

In November 2008, and in conjunction with Staffordshire University, future-pro North Staffordshire was launched. Over 70 Staffordshire University students attended the inaugural event and had the opportunity to network with finest and futurefinest members and learn about the strength and success of the North Staffordshire professional services sector. In November 2009 and again in 2010 over 100 students attended each future-pro event at the Stoke Campus of Staffordshire University. Based on the success of these events, future-pro was rolled out at Keele University in November 2009 and again in 2010.

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